We install, or repair, any type of roofing.
For the standing seam
bought in 1,000 pound
rolls. A rool former (similar
to machines that form
continuous guttering) was
hired to form the edges of
the roofing panels to be
folded together.  The
machine also cuts each
panel to length.
Tom designed
the house so
that spacing on
the roofing
panels worked
out correctly
with the
Dormer eaves
were hinged to
allow extra room
for panel
overlap under
the dormer
These pictures
are a little while
before the
house was
The copper panels
were stacked on the
porch as they came off
the roll former.
of one chimney
on the house,
people moved
out because the
roof was too high
and too steep to
get anyone to
work on it.