Molding  Reproduction
Large runs of pieces such as siding,
Robinson-Elam house, are farmed out
to large millwork shops.
For small runs of a hundred, or so, feet
knives are ground for a molder, or
custom router bits are ordered
depending on the size of the part

Often, in the restoration of old houses,
the need will arise for one or two
pieces to match what is there.  The
pictures below show the making of
individual pieces.  In the typical case,
one piece 6-1/2 feet long was needed
of 1-1/2 inch wide Grecian Ogee with
bead to match other molding only in
that one room.  For these cases, hand
planes are used, including hollow &
round wooden planes, some of which
are 300 years old, and various others
from the 19th Century through modern