pediment ventilation for porch gable end
All finish surfaces hand planed.  At this point in work
on the house, a large workbench was not yet
needed enough to be moved to the site.
Normally, to get a properly proportioned Raking Cyma,
special molding must be made for each situation.  In this
case, for this size roof, using stock 3-5/8" Crown Molding
for the horizontal cyma, it worked out with this roof slope
that ripping parts out of stock 4-5/8" Crown, fit right in as a
properly sized Raking Cyma just by changing angles of the
ripped parts.
On the Robinson-Elam  house, the only thing we
knew for sure about the porch roof was the location
on the front of the house, including the roof slope.
The assumption was made that the original builders
would have used classic proportions which were
popular at the time the house was built.